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Articles of General Interest

Clayton Mayers and Geo. Davidson
Holophane and Geo. Davidson
Thomas Davidson's Last Will and Testament
Jobling 'Cloud Glass' Patent
The 1881 fire at Davidson's factory
Walther designs registered in the UK
George Davidson's Last Will and Testament
Yellow Cloud Glass - Is it a genuine colour?
Mould Contamination - Fact or Fiction
Top Ten Cloud Glass Styles
Extract from 'Tyneside Industries - 1888' plus Pottery Gazette 1951 and 1964
Davidson's Glassmakers records - what is available
Davidson's 1939 offices - then and now
The Alexandra Electric Light Company - another George Davidson venture ?
The 34 Series of Glassware
Geo Davidson  - An Engineer as well?
Davidson Look-alikes
A history of Orange Cloud Glass

Reports from the Pottery Gazette and Glass Trades Review

1929 (North East Coast Exhibition)

Pages about George Davidson & Co.

Brief History of Geo Davidson & Co. Ltd.
George Davidson - A Victorian Entrepreneur
The Pressed Glass Makers' Friendly Society
Development of the Davidson Factory
Davidson Glass between the Wars
A gallery of Davidson Glass between the wars
Davidson Glass post WWII
A gallery of Davidson Glass post WWII
Davidson Patents
Davidson Trademarks
Registered Designs - An overview
Registered Designs 1867 to 1890
Registered Designs 1891 to 1900
Registered Designs 1901 to 1910
Registered Designs 1911 to 1920
Registered Designs 1921 to 1930
Registered Designs 1931 to 1945
Registered Designs Post WWII

General Pages about Cloud Glass

An over view of Cloud Glass Colours
Amber Cloud Glass
Blue and Cobalt-Blue Cloud Glass
Grey Cloud Glass
Green & Lime-Green Cloud Glass
Orange Cloud Glass
Pink Cloud Glass
Purple Cloud Glass
Red Cloud Glass
Sepia Cloud Glass
Topaz-Briar & Topaz-Violet (Malachit) Cloud Glass
Violet Cloud Glass
Other Cloud Glass Colours
An unrecorded Davidson Cloud Glass Colour

Davidson Cloud Glass

Ashtrays and like items
Two Piece Flower sets
Three Piece Flower sets
1910 Suite of Glassware
Flower Blocks and Flower Holders
Small posy bowls and troughs
Table Lamps
Trinket Sets
Other styles

Walther Cloud Glass

Bowls and Comports
Other Styles

Brockwitz Cloud Glass

Catalogue of Brockwitz Cloud Glass

Sowerby Cloud Glass

Catalogue of Sowerby Cloud Glass

Jobling Cloud Glass

Catalogue of Jobling Cloud Glass

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